The Ceremonial Guard

The members of the RHLI 13th Bn CG or Hamilton’s “Old 13th” are not “Re-enactors”. All are current serving members of the Canadian Army with the RHLI, whose primary duties are with the Rifle Companies. The Soldiers of the Guard, while maintaining their regular duties and year round present day Infantry Training are also Infantry Instructors at both the 31 Canadian Brigade Group Battle School and the 4th Canadian Division Training Center. Many have served in Afghanistan, Bosnia and on other U.N. and NATO Overseas Missions, as well as many Domestic Operations within Canada. The only major historical discrepancy of note is that as the uniform that the Guard wears is an authorized Dress Uniform for our Regiment, we must wear our modern day Medals, Campaign Stars , Citations and Decorations. The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment) was gazetted on December 11th, 1862 as the 13th Battalion of Volunteer Militia (Infantry) Canada and is now commanded by Lieutenant Colonel J.P. Hoekstra, CD.

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History Incarnate


Bonds Forged in Fire

The RHLI Ceremonial Guard is a tight knit group of dedicated members of the regiment that bring with them the regimental ethos wherever they go.

Keeping History Alive

Deeply Rooted in Tradition

The RHLI Ceremonial Guard keeps the regiment moving forward while ensuring that the past is never forgotten.