Frequently Asked Questions

The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry is a part time infantry battalion located in Hamilton Ontario. Soldiers and Officers are trained to the same standard as their full time counter-parts, this means that the regiment is made up of fully trained Canadian Infanteers serving in the Canadian Army part time.
All members of the RHLI balance thier military and civilian careers. A fully trained member of the RHLI is expected to show up to training one night a week and one weekend a month. In order to become a qualified infanteer one can expect to spend additional weekends training and commit to a few months during the summer time that can be split up over a few years if civilian employment or school cannot accomodate the time off.
Members of the reserves can claim up to $2000 dollars per year up to a maximum of $8000 after completing their Basic Military Qualification Course. There are programs for individuals interested in paid schooling that is offered to members who plan to join the military full time. See here for more information on the Canadian Armed Forces Paid Education and Training Programs.
During weekly training nights a member of the RHLI can expect to conduct infantry drills and weapons training in preparation for the monthly weekend exercises. During an exercise infantry skills are put to the test and soldiers use all the skills they have developed to ensure the mission is successful. When the unit isn't training a soldier can get involved in some of the many events and competitions put on the Riley family. You can learn more about the regimental family here.
Joining the RHLI couldn't be any easier with the new Strengthen the Army Reserves (StAR) initiative. You can call the Hamilton Recruiters at (905) 521-0928 or get in touch with us directly here.
New members of the Canadian Army Reserves have the opportunity to take part in the guaranteed full time summer employment for thier first four years at the regiment. Members can make over $12 000 each summer where they will be sent on training, unique exercises, and postings around Canada.
You can call the Hamilton Recruiters at (905) 521-0928 or get in touch with us directly here. Additional FAQs for the Department and the Canadian Armed Forces can be found here.